It’s portable and easy to use – a game changer for activity provision.

You can now view your personalised Daily Sparkles on a tablet or smart phone.

  • It includes all 6 daily columns,
  • the daily singalong,
  • the carers’ notes.

The Daily Sparkle App will allow you to:

• Plan your activity sessions in advance via your smartphone or tablet

• Listen to the daily music track

• View the Daily Sparkles on the move


You will need a subscription or be on a current trial with us to be able to access the Daily Sparkle App. Simply contact us on 0800 228 9698 to arrange.

Where do I get the app from? 
Visit the App store on your iPad or the Google Play Store on your Android tablet – and search for the “Daily Sparkle” . Alternatively, simply click on the icons on the bottom of the is page.

How do I login to the app?
You’ll need 2 pieces of information:

1) The email address at which you receive your Daily Sparkles. Please note that the email address field is case sensitive. If the email address you provided for the Sparkles to be sent to used capitals then please use the same when logging into the app.

2) Your account id number

a) If you are a subscriber you can find your account id in the subject line of the email with your Daily or Weekly Sparkle attached (see illustration below).

b) If you are on a free trial with us you will be sent your account id around week 4 of your trial.

Can I get the Weekly Sparkle?
No, this is not currently available

Can I access my Sparkles off line?
Yes, once they are downloaded to your device you can use them without internet

How do I play the singalong track?
Look for the music icon when you are on page 3.

Can I view on a TV?
Yes, via an Apple TV or a Google Chromecast.

Please get in touch if you need any help.