By taking small steps

Challenge fear in the workplace

When a new procedure is rolled out in any workplace setting, staff often react with fear, assuming they will struggle to adapt.

However, using the Daily Sparkle as a fun way to open up conversations and build relationships is so easy that most staff will give it a go. There is even a selection of suggested questions that staff members can open up sessions with.

Before you know it, even the most reticent staff members will be laughing and sharing memories with residents on a regular basis.

Easy learning curve

Unlike many new implementations, there is hardly any learning curve involved with the Daily Sparkle. It is a truly holistic and user-friendly communication aid that can be picked up and used immediately.

For those employees who still require a little help, our handy quick-start guide will introduce them to the Daily Sparkle’s features and can form the basis of ‘reminiscence training’.


This video is about the Daily Sparkle. It will help you make the best use of our popular newspaper – a tried and trusted reminiscence resource.

By breaking down barriers

Encourage your staff to engage

Overly task-focused care home employees often want to engage with residents and colleagues, but lack confidence.

This could be because they are inexperienced or perhaps they do not speak English as a first language. They also could simply be nervous about reaching out, and would prefer to stay within their comfort zone.

These are exactly the kinds of issues that the Daily Sparkle can help to overcome. Once that first conversation with a resident has been achieved, the momentum often grows naturally.

And don’t worry, care staff can chat with residents at the same time as they are attending to the home’s tasks, such as personal care or serving drinks.

With your residents and each other

The Daily Sparkle fosters connection on so many levels, helping staff to start speaking to one another as well as to residents.

The newspaper articles and resource packs provide topics of common interest to several residents, thus facilitating new friendships. They also trigger precious personal memories that help individuals retain their sense of identity.

The Daily sparkle is an innovative way to help our residents and staff with topics for conversation. There’s so much value in everyone having the confidence to be able to chat to our residents, and the residents enjoy the memories.

Sue Smith

A familiar friend

For residents with dementia

The Daily Sparkle can become a familiar friend in a world that can seem chaotic and frightening. Even the routine of reading our daily or weekly paper can be a source of comfort while a clear reference to the day’s date helps with orientation.

For planning

The Daily Sparkle provides monthly plans to help activity coordinators plan their future activities program, giving clear frameworks to build on. Knowing what topics are coming up, you can now plan in advance specific activity sessions based on the content featured.

As an organisation, how can we support you?

Training & aftercare

The Daily Sparkle has helped care homes, hospitals and day centres deliver meaningful activities while encouraging residents to talk and share memories . With a readership of over 100,000, The Daily Sparkle has enhanced the quality of life of huge numbers of people living with dementia.

Proud to be a social enterprise

Right from the start we opted for a commercial structure rather than a charity because we believed that what we can achieve as a social enterprise is greater than it would be as a charity.

The commercial structure is more robust and is a better fit with the majority of commercial organisations which operate within the healthcare sector.