Award Winners: CQC Inspections

We are so pleased to announce the worthy winners of our July competition: ‘Preparing for a CQC inspection’.

The standard of entries was very high, but after much deliberation we have decided to award the three £50 prizes to Beth Harris, Belle Vue Nursing Home, Paignton; Kerry Counihan, Birchmere House Care Home, Solihull; and Lynda Spellacy, Silverpoint Court Residential Care Home, Canvey Island.

The three entries were typifed by a sense that it was easy to prepare if they were doing the important things needed every day, but they also focused on some really specific and practical solutions too. Beth Harris’ entry offered a large variety of practical tips and ideas for preparing for a CQC inspection, with a particular focus on the importance of family and community involvement; while we were also impressed with Kerry Counihan’s examples of individual person-centred projects and activities which demonstrated the need to consider the interests of individuals in the home – including those who don’t like to go out or be in crowds.

Third finalist Lynda Spellacy’s entry offered a selection of practical ideas and advice, as well as focusing on the need to be flexible in response to what residents feel like doing on a particular day, and respecting when residents change their minds.

Overall the message from our entrants was about taking care and going the extra mile. As Beth said: “If you are making an impact as an activity coordinator then you shouldn’t just be preparing to showcase this during times of inspection, these are things you should or could be doing all the time anyway!”

Thank you to all those who entered.