‘Ask Jan’ – Pamper Room

“Hello there, I have a quick question I hope you can help with. We have a hairdresser in once a week to set, style and pamper the residents. However, the activities room is also a PPE storage space! So it isn’t the most relaxing setting. Where do your residents have their hair done? Is there a specific place or does it happen in their rooms? I’m looking for some inspiration to make the space work for us! Thanks.”

Claire Agates, Activity Coordinator


Dear Claire,

Thank you for your question.

Some homes are lucky and have converted a small room into a salon, but it can be tricky to make it a relaxing experience if space is limited.

Have you thought of using a free standing screen? We had one in a home I used to work in. Initially, the purchased it to use in case a resident became ill in a communal area, or needed a dressing changed by the nurse without having to go back into their room. A screen is a good way to ensure privacy. Perhaps your care home already owns one, that could be repurposed for a salon area. Or you could look into purchasing one.

With hairdressing in mind, if you had a screen available to use, you could make a pop up salon in a corner of a communal space. Or you could use it to hide an area that doesn’t feel relaxing, such as your PPE storage area.

To make any pamper space feel inviting and professional, try to replicate a typical salon experience as much as possible.

  • Make and hang a sign saying “Sarah’s Salon” or “Salon Open”.
  • Try and choose somewhere with a hard floor, as opposed to carpeted. This is easier to clean between residents.
  • Decorate the screen with images of film stars, singers or celebrities from 50s, 60s and 70s, or alternatively put together a folder of hair and beauty images to use as inspiration.
  • Always provide a trolley or table for hairdressers to lay out their kit, as well as a selection of magazines.
  • Ensure refreshments are available for both your hairdresser and residents – a jug of water or squash, clean glasses for each appointment, and a plate of biscuits would be ideal.
  • Hand out appointment cards to residents, stating their name and the time of their appointment, as they would have received in the past.

Best wishes,


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