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We have found that the Daily Sparkle is read and enjoyed by a wide range of people, particularly the general elderly and those living with early or mid-stage dementia.

However, even residents who are unable to read the Daily Sparkle for themselves can often benefit from being read to by care home staff.

To see who else the Daily Sparkle benefits visit the ‘What We Do’ page.

The Daily Sparkle is designed to unlock the proven benefits of reminiscence. Stimulating memories can help delay the progression of dementia and reduce some of the symptoms.

By encouraging regular, positive interaction, the Daily Sparkle also helps combat loneliness and isolation, improving mood and quality of life.

For more information on how the Daily Sparkle improves lives visit the How it Works page.

Carers’ Notes provide background information on the content featured within the Daily Sparkle. It is especially useful for young and/or foreign employees who may need a little help in getting started.

Visit the How it Works page for more details about how the Daily Sparkle breaks down boundaries between residents and staff.

The Weekly Sparkle is a ten page digest of the previous week’s Daily Sparkle. Many residents of care settings look forward to receiving their copy in the same way as they once received a weekly newspaper.

The Weekly Sparkle is also ideal for facilitated group reminiscence sessions.

To find out more about the different ways the Sparkle can be integrated with your care home, visit the Ways to Use page.

Not at all. If you ever do decide to cancel your subscription, simply provide us with 30 days’ notice.

We also offer a no obligation free trial from our Free Trial page.

The Daily Sparkle is conveniently delivered in electronic form via e-mail. To help with activity planning, you will receive a week’s batch of seven copies several days ahead of the date on the first copy.

This will vary depending on your individual care setting. We generally find that some residents like to have their own copy while it is always a good idea to provide at least one for staff members and another, colour copy, for the Visitors’ Book.

Everyday Miracles Ltd. is a social enterprise which has been serving the needs of older people for nearly  ten years. The Daily Sparkle is a not-for-profit product produced by Everyday Miracles.

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The Daily Sparkle is a better reminiscence tool than a history book in so many ways. It is easily accessible to staff and residents, relates specifically to everyday life and is presented in a warm and neighbourly tone of voice.

Many residents will have received a daily or weekly newspaper in the past and the Daily Sparkle will help to stimulate those feelings of regularity and familiarity.

To find out more about the Sparkle’s unique properties visit the How it Works page and see our ‘What Makes it so Special’ infographic on the What We Do page.

Although a daily newspaper may fulfil a resident’s need for a familiar routine, many will be unable to access the content as they once did, leading to frustration. Residents may also become upset with some of the content that they come across in the newspaper.

The Daily Sparkle provides non-threatening content designed to stimulate positive memories. It is presented in warm, non-complicated language in a large font.

This not only benefits residents but will also be welcomed by those staff who may not be confident with their reading skills or those who speak English as a second language.

Adding the name of your care home to the cover of the Sparkle helps residents to feel special and a part of a caring community.

From a marketing and compliance perspective, a customised copy of the Sparkle shows visitors and bodies such as the CQC that you are committed to enhancing residents’ quality of life by providing mental stimulation as well as physical care.

For more on how the Daily Sparkle can help with your home’s branding, see the What We Do page.

Many Activity Coordinators have asked us the same question. We have come up with the ideal solution in our comprehensive Activity Coordinator Training package created by a specialist in the field.

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