New Activity Bank

Our new Activity Bank, which launches in September, will be an enormous library of digital resources, filled with activities ideas and plans, and available to all our subscribers.

Over the summer we have been working to create our new Activity Bank which will launch in September. It is a huge library of digital resources which will combine all the activities from our monthly booklet and magazine, as well as all your favourites from the Covid-19 Daily Support Kit, which has been a resounding success.

The new Activity Bank will allow us to support activity coordinators even further, as they have unlimited access to an incredible bank of ideas – from one-to-one activities and simple discussion topics, to quizzes, games, themed session planning tips, and guides for running bigger events and activity days.

Accessed via our Toolbox, our subscribers will click on the link in their weekly Sparkle email as normal, and will now have the choice of using all our activities on a device or printing off as many copies as they want. Find out more about our subscriptions here.

“It feels like the right time to be making resources more widely available across different devices,” says Chris Harding, founder of The Daily Sparkle. “Covid-19 has shown how important digital resources are, and we want to support activity coordinators as much as we can – because the work they do is completely invaluable.”