‘Reader’s Corner’ – Maud’s first job

Today, Maud tells us about her first job. It’s always wonderful when our readers share their own memories with us. Thank you for taking the time to write in, Maud.


“I left school at fourteen. I was the eldest of seven children and my mother needed my help at home. I would spend my days helping her with housework and my siblings. I had four brothers and two sisters. My brothers were hard work as they would always be getting dirty. Eventually, they all grew up and my mother didn’t need so much help. My father arranged for me to get a job at the local bakery. On my first day, I was in charge of sweeping up the floor. This was not as easy as it sounds as there was icing sugar and flour all over the place. In time, I was taught how to work the till. I worked at the bakery for nearly forty years. When I left, it was my grandson sweeping the floors and the till looked very different! The cakes and bread were still made from the same recipes though.”


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