Specialist dementia reminiscence videos

Stimulate memories and meaningful conversations
Ready-to-use activity sessions



Full 30-minute reminiscence sessions led by our expert activity coordinator
Stimulate childhood memories
Featuring authentic objects that your residents will recognise
High quality, designed and created by professionals
Accompanying notes and images to aid your activity sessions
A fantastic tool for caregivers and activity coordinators
Available to be streamed on smart TVs, digital tables and tablets

“This collaboration between The Daily Sparkle and MyLife TV has really helped to bring the Daily Sparkle alive in a digital and interactive way. Residents love reminiscing about days gone by and the opportunity to interact with the objects being discussed adds another element to the activity making it more enjoyable and engaging.”

George Dewis, Head of Dementia and Wellbeing, Advinia.

Why reminiscence is important

  • Reminiscence is vital when it comes to creating feelings of meaningful connection and wellbeing for people living with dementia.
  • Reminiscence activities support your residents to recall times when they felt happy, successful and confident.
  • This enables them to maintain a sense of their personal identity, and increases their feelings of wellbeing.

How these videos will help you

  • A quality, specialist resource to enhance your activity provision
  • Save time and money with minimal preparation
  • Use one-to-one, in residents rooms or with groups
  • Helps residents to spark conversation with care staff and each other, making friends and reducing isolation
  • Helps establish life story and background information, to support true person-centred care