What is PAL?

By now you will have seen lots of mentions of PAL. PAL stands for Pool Activity Level – an instrument developed by leading dementia specialist Jackie Pool, and powered by QCS.

The PAL instrument has been developed in order to offer true person-centred care. It is a simple, yet effective tool to use in conjunction with your activity provision.

The PAL instrument consists of a quick checklist to complete, which determines an overall ability level for each of your residents. There are 4 ability levels – Planned, Exploratory, Sensory and Reflect. PAL offers advice for each ability level and creates a PAL profile for your residents so you can tailor activities to their ability.

We recently launched the PAL Guide for use with Daily Sparkle activities. This guide was written exclusively for us by Jackie Pool, to enable Daily Sparkle subscribers to use PAL seamlessly with all of our resources and activity sessions.

For more information on PAL click here