Interview: Norrms McNamara

Ahead of World Rocks Against Dementia in March, we speak to the wonderful and inspirational Norrms McNamara, about life with dementia, his thoughts about the future and his proudest moments…

I started The Purple Angel dementia awareness campaign…out of need and necessity. The UK – and the rest of the world – had always thought of Alzheimer’s when dementia was mentioned, but for some reason very rarely any other type of dementia. The Purple Angel logo (now a global logo), encapsulates all types of dementia so nobody will be left out. The world didn’t have one before, so I’m proud to say it does now.

WRAD 2017 will be…our second event, after a hugely successful WRAD 2016. It is now recognised worldwide as an annual event, and this year the lead event will be at Hannahs, in Newton Abbot, Devon, but there are so many events happening all over the UK, as well as in over 14 countries around the globe. A truly memorable event.

Talking to people about my dementia is important because…if you listen to what we (those with dementia) have to say about our future, then YOU in turn can help us to enjoy life as much as is possible, it really is as simple as that. My tagline for years has been: “Help us, to help you, to help us.”

I worry about…what will happen later on. I have seen both my grandmother and father die of dementia. I have read the last page in the book and I know what happens. If I didn’t worry about it, there would be something very wrong.

I’m excited about…the future as well – even though that seems rather contradictory to my previous answer. Why shouldn’t I get excited? There will be a cure in my lifetime. I really believe that, I have to. How exciting is that?!

I’m most proud of…each and every global Purple Angel dementia ambassador. There are 600+ around the world now, who do what they do every waking day to raise awareness. Without them, we wouldn’t be here today.

I wish that…one day all dementia organisations in the UK, and around the world, would work together instead of keeping it political and going their own way. We all want the same thing and we are all doing the same job. We are proud to say that the Purple Angel campaign will work with anybody, as we have proved time and time again, and don’t do ‘politics’.

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