Dementia products

Enhancing the daily lives of people living with dementia

Living with dementia can be challenging at times, not only for the individual, but for their family and friends, and the carers and professionals that care for them too. However, there are many products and resources available on the market today that exist to support people living with dementia, to enhance their daily lives, to promote independence, and also to bring a little joy and nostalgia.

We have outlined just some of the products that you could use in a care home setting to support the people you care for.

Simple Music Player
Dementia music playerMusic is well known to have a positive impact on people living with dementia. A familiar song can spark a special memory, evoke feelings and emotions, and help the listener engage with others by reminiscing and sharing stories.

This simple music player is the perfect companion for individuals living with dementia, as it is designed to create an easy way for them to play music. The retro style is modelled on the look of older radios, making it easily recognisable to users, and its simple operation makes it an ideal device for anyone living in a care home setting.

To start the player, you simply lift the clearly labelled lid which starts the music automatically, and pushing the lid down will stop the music. The player comes with some preloaded songs, but you can upload up to 1000 songs via USB to ensure the user has their favourite songs on there. The volume can also be set to the right level ensuring that it cannot be changed accidentally.

Prices from £109.99


Dual Display Clock
Dementia clockThis clear, easy-to-read dual display clock is an excellent addition for anyone living with dementia. Keeping track of the days of the week, the time, and the date is a common difficulty for people living with dementia.

This simple, yet effective, clock has a 7-inch, high resolution screen, and can help to support people by clearly showing the full day of the week, the period of the day, the time, and the date in large clear letters. The words are all spelled out fully with no abbreviations, to avoid any confusion.

The clock comes with 12 alarm modes that can be set as reminders on certain days or at certain times, and the clock supports eight different languages.

Prices from 36.99

Reminiscence Cue Cards 50s and 60s
Dementia cue cardsThis set of cue cards depicts images of everyday moments, possessions, and activities that were familiar during the 50s and 60s. The images on the cards include items like record players and tape recorders, as well as images of children playing pat-a-cake and a game of hopscotch drawn with chalk on the pavement.

These cards have been carefully crafted to help conjure up childhood memories for people living with dementia. Using these cards can help start conversations about the past and help the user share stories from their childhood. This is also a great tool for helping to understand more about an individual’s life history and can help to preserve memories.

The set comes with 36 A5 cards, and a booklet with ideas for different ways to use the cards.

Prices from 39.95

Everyday Joys Colouring Books
Dementia colouringColouring can be a very therapeutic and calming activity for people living with dementia. This range of colouring books from Relish have been designed for people in the early-mid stages of dementia and they are designed to engage, stimulate and relax minds.

The Everyday Joys colouring book illustrates images of everyday activities that bring happiness and joy, like cycling a bicycle or jumping in a puddle with wellies on. The images are clearly outlined and there is a colouring guide in the corner of the page to help guide the person through their colouring easily. You will also find interesting facts that can help spark conversation and discussion.

These books have been designed alongside people living with dementia.

Prices from 9.99

Personalised Lap Tray
Dementia - lap trayLap trays are a useful and practical device for using at mealtimes or to hold items like books, pictures or letters. The cushion underneath ensures that the tray can sit comfortably on a persons lap as it moulds to their legs and keeps the tray on top flat.

This personalised lap tray allows you to insert photographs or drawings to make it as personal as possible to the user. Inserting family photographs or drawings from grandchildren can bring joy to users as they look at them each time they use the lap tray. It can also be used as a reminiscence tool with images from the 50s and 60s, or it can hold images of places, items or activities that are important to the user. The pictures can be easily inserted and changed at will for a more personal experience.

Prices from 17


These are just a small selection of the products that are available to enhance the lives of people living with dementia, you will find many more online that you could utilise in your own care setting.