November Days

November brings bonfires, rugby finals and fundraising for veterans. Jan Millward, one of our regular activity coordinator columnists, shares her top tips for a busy, fun-filled November…

Remembrance Day: Such an important date for so many residents. I am sure all the lovely activity coordinators out there are busy making poppies for the period of remembrance. This year, I have seen tissue paper, clay, crocheted and cardboard ones in local care homes and some beautiful and poignant displays.

If you have any residents that were involved in D-Day – I appreciate they will be very old now – they are entitled to the Legion d’honneur medal from the French government for their part. Apply online following this link. Members of the Women’s Land Army are also entitled to a veteran’s badge. Apply following this link.

The Royal Airforce benevolent fund will provide help for veterans who are in care and have little savings, and the other services also offer help and support too. If you have someone who meets the criteria in your care, it is always worth having a chat with these organisations. Find out more.

Bonfire Night: November also has us wrapping up warm for firework displays. Have a go at making a Guy. It’s great fun, and he can be wheeled round to every room. All you need to do is stuff some old trousers with newspaper and do the same for a shirt. Attach the two together with some simple stitches or bag ties. Stick a short broom handle down the back of the shirt and add a large flowerpot on top of the broom handle for the head, and let your imagination go wild! You could also try organising a supper of soup and jacket potatoes, and have a go at making Yorkshire Tiffin!

Stir Up Sunday: This is the traditional day for making Christmas puddings. It has a religious history, and traditionally the pudding should be stirred from east to west to honour the route the wise men took to the stable. This year Stir Up Sunday is on the 24th November. You can find a great recipe here, or you could even try making any kind of fruity pudding for dinner. And don’t forget to add silver sixpenny bits or threepences.

Rugby World Cup Final: For all the sports fans, this is on 2nd November, and starts at 9am on ITV. Get the flags out – or make flags that represent the teams in the final as an activity the day before.

Other dates in November…

  • Robert Louis Stevenson’s Birthday – 13 November.
  • Children in Need Day – 15 November. Visit the website for lots of fundraising ideas and a fundraising pack. Maybe see if you could organise an event with a local school or toddler group.
  • C.S. Lewis’ Birthday – 29 November.
  • St Andrew’s Day – 30 November. The patron saint of Scotland. The perfect opportunity to celebrate all things Scottish!

November has the potential to be a very busy month, especially with Christmas just around the corner, so make sure you’re as organised as you can be, and start looking forward to the fun of the festive season.